The typical girl who likes clouds because it makes her feel free just by looking at it. Someone who loves music because it is driving her crackers. And who hates sleeping because it is too hard for her to sleep. But wants to dream every single night while asleep



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Bad English - Time alone with you

Got so electrified! 

The scariest nightmare I had in my life.

I dreamed of it trice already and I consider it as a nightmare.

It started with me being lost in some place. I don’t know how to get home from there. And so I asked a not so old but maybe on fourties man. I asked him where can I find the highway which jeepneys are going to Pasig area. He answered me and give instructions how can I find his house. He told me to knock on their door and tell his wife he said let me enter. He aksed me to stay there cause he likes me for his son. I walked away cause I thought he’ll give me the information how can I find the highway but he did not and he’s kinda creepy. He hold me in my arms and forcing me to go with him. My dream fast forward to the scene that I am on their house. They just won’t let me escape the house.Though they’re nice to me and treat me well  if I beg to let me go they will say no to me. 

Every time I dream that I am almost crying  when I’m awake. And then I pray it will never happen in real life. Just imagine if it happens to me or anyone. 

So the lesson for me is… don’t go to places you are not familiar.


Bed weather.

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Bed weather.

Try only

If its working.


An Alien messaged me on twitter saying he is trying to make new friends and perhaps share their comedy channel on youtube so I  shared this.

I understand that he needs people who can spread this channel but I don’t think he know what he’s talking about when he told me he needs friends. He doesn’t know what he is entering. :D

Spend your time well before you go

Here in hell

*sinisters look*

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Super missing this kiddo.. :’-( #titaproblems #mybaby #cutekid

At the stars - Better than Ezra